Keeping the mountains open to all let's respect all uses

The resort of Les Saisies has grown and developed at the center of an exceptional natural heritage. Between the alpine pastures of this beautiful cow mountain and its protected nature reserve unfolds a tourist activity with strong economic stakes for an entire territory and its population.
The actors and technicians of Les Saisies bear this double challenge of maintaining a vital activity while reasoning its impact on the spaces to be preserved.

The Les Saisies resort adapts by continuing to preserve its environment, which is its 1st attraction.

Early in 2011, SPL Domaines Skiables des Saisies chose to follow ISO 14001 certification. This voluntary approach demonstrates the company’s environmental management and recognizes the efforts made to protect the environment. Other specific tools are deployed, such as the Les Saisies environmental observatory or Nordic snow preservation techniques with snowfarming.

The destination’s elected representatives are committed to gradually limiting road access to the summits to private vehicles. The success of eco-citizen litter-picking days is spurring new activities to get visitors on board, in the process of cleaning up areas.

Initiatives are multiplying: Les 10 commandements du randonneur (The hiker’s 10 commandments) will be published in the summer of 2021 to share good practices and preserve natural areas together. A whole range of signage covers the must-sees of summer, from the marmot colony to wild camping, and prevention signage is also being deployed.

A whole range of signage is being deployed.

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