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To produce artificial snow, we simply use cold ambient air and pure water (without additives) pressurized by the snow guns’ small nozzles. Most of this water is then returned to the natural environment in the spring.

Most artificial snow is produced in late autumn and early winter. This underlayer ensures the opening of alpine and Nordic ski areas at the start of the season (mid-December). It is also essential for maintaining the slopes at the end of the season (until mid-April).


Equipment and techniques have progressed considerably, enabling considerable energy savings.
– Thanks to advances in measuring equipment (temperature, wind, etc.), control equipment and the snow guns themselves, production is now optimized. Cultured snow has also gained in quality.
– Grooming now also enables better snow conservation while saving fuel thanks to the centimetric GPS units fitted to the machines.
The Les Saisies resort won the Eco-Damage Trophy in 2017 & 2018. More info
– Snowmaking perpetuates the opening of the ski areas (alpine & Nordic) on fixed dates.
– All projects are carried out in strict compliance with environmental standards. Some developments (e.g. around the Route des Crêtes) provide water points for farmers who farm the mountain pastures in summer. This avoids the need for numerous tractor journeys to fetch water.


Snow farmers Snowfarming

For several years now, the Domaines Skiables des Saisies SPL has been experimenting with SnowFarming. This is a gentle, environmentally-friendly method of conserving snow from one winter to the next. When snow remains at the end of the season, it is collected in a sheltered area and covered with a thick layer of recycled sawdust, which is reused every year. This is an experimental process that is constantly evolving. This summer, for example, the sawdust layer was regularly watered to limit melting. The remaining snow (between 60% and 80% of the initial stockpile) is used to open up a 1.5 km Nordic ski slope from mid-November onwards.

The network in figures

– 4 reservoirs (Challiers, Bisanne, Lézette and Pêchette).
– 653 snow guns on Espace Diamant.
– 45% of the ski area covered by artificial snow.
– 1 m3 of water = 2 m3 of snow
– 1 to 3 kWh = 1 m3 of snow

Discover the SnowMaker profession

In winter, our SnowMakers welcome you once a week to explain their job. They manage the network, monitor the installations and ensure efficient, optimized production… They’ll be happy to show you around the facilities and explain every detail. It’s a free, very interesting and instructive activity for the whole family.

Don’t hesitate to ask for more information at the Service des Pistes once you’re there.

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