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42, 21, 10.5, 3 and 1.5 km Etoile des Saisies

Etoile des Saisies – EN

March 31, 2024

The Etoile des Saisies, the popular race that closes the marathon season, will take place on Sunday March 31, 2024 on the magnificent Olympic Nordic ski area of Les Saisies.

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L’étoile des Saisies is a popular free-style cross-country ski race open to all.

The 42 km (Marathon) is open to competitors in the senior (year 2002) and above categories.
It is included in the 2023 National Long Distance Calendar and in the 2023 Marathon Ski Tour, the national challenge for popular long-distance races.

The 21km (Half-Marathon) is open to competitors in categories U18 (year 2005/2006) to U20 (year 2003/2004).

The 7.5km is open to categories U16 (year 2007) and above.
The 5km is open to the U15 category (year 2008/2009).
The 3km is open to the U13 category (year 2010/2011).
The 1.5km is open to the U11 category (year 2012/2013).


The prices shown below correspond to prices with an FFS license.

10€ surcharge from midnight Sunday 17/03 except for children’s races.

Marathon 42km & Half-Marathon 21km
From 01/02/2023 to 19/03/2023: €16
From 19/03/2023 to 31/03/2023: 26€.

10km, 5km, 3km and 1.5km races
From 01/02/2023 to 19/03/2023: €6
From 03/19/2023 to 03/31/2023: €10

Optional meal for participants: 12€.
The meal will take place in the Salle multisports du Signal.
Reservations can be made for accompanying persons.

Registration is online only (including registration for the meal), until Friday, March 31, 2023 at noon (12:00 p.m.).

Full details are available in the Regulations opposite.

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