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Thursday, August 15, 2024 Beaufort Festival

Beaufort Festival

August 15, 2024

Traditional celebration of the Prince of Gruyères!
This not-to-be-missed event celebrates the pastoral culture and flavors of the Savoy region.

Come and discover all the activities on offer.

The Beaufort Festival features a parade, cheese-making demonstrations, folk dances and groups, and other entertainment for young and old.

All day long, you’ll find a tombola stand with great prizes to be won (tickets sold for 2€), a refreshment stand with traditional raspberry, old-fashioned coffee, Savoyard bread and Raclette cheese and dry ham sandwiches for sale on the Place Berthod, and a meal in the Salle Cristal (18€, drinks not included. Tickets sold on site).

10am: Opening of the Festival with Mass at the Chapelle des Saisies
11am: Blessing of the herd and departure of the parade from the chapel (cows, mules, carriage, chimney sweeps, folk groups, monitors in traditional dress).
11:30 a.m.: Parade arrives at Place Berthod and folk groups demonstrate their skills
12pm: Launch of Beaufort cheese-making in a traditional cauldron
12.10pm, 3pm and 5pm: On the Place Berthod, Cocktail des montagnes, a strolling musette band
12:40, 2:30 and 4:20 pm: P’tit muzette, dance on the Place Berthod podium
1:15pm, 3:30pm and 5:30pm: Les Cors du Mont, an Alpine horn band immersing you in traditional Alpine music
1.45pm, 4pm and 6pm: Lô Vouet’s d’Halteloce, the local folk dance group
2.15pm and 4.30pm: Brigade de Savoie, an association bringing to life a page of Savoy history, with historical and folk parades featuring the little chimney sweeps.
6:30pm: Tombola draw and dancing with the P’tit muzette group

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