Warning : to protect our webcams from power surges, we may voluntarily switch them off in case of storms. Thank you for your understanding.
Our livecam regularly cleans itself by turning around. During this short process the picture is no longer phased.

ESPACE ERWIN ECKL (5410 ft) panoramic view of the col des Saisies...


LE MANANT (5905 ft) 360° view of Beaufortain, Mont Blanc360° view of Beaufortain, Mont Blanc


MONT BISANNE (6365 ft) view of the Col des Saisies and Mont-Blanc


LES CHARDONS (5410 ft) view of the snow front, Le Manant and Mont Bisanne


CENTRE STATION (5410 ft) view of the avenue des J.O. and the Légette


HAUTELUCE Ortf (3770 ft) view of the village, the valley & the Mont Blanc


HAUTELUCE Le Chozal (3770 ft) view of the Barme piste


BISANNE 1500 Les Rosières (4920 ft) panoramic view of the Beaufortain and the Planay piste


Webcams of our partners y:


CENTRE STATION store Ducrey Sports (5250 ft) 360° panoramic view


PIERRE A L'ANE (5250 ft) view of Les Saisies resort

BISANNE 1500 store Alternat'Hill (4920 ft) view of the Beaufortain and the Planay piste