The Saint Guérin Dam

  • barrage de St Guérin
  • Passerelle de Saint Guérin
barrage de St GuérinPasserelle de Saint Guérin
Saint Guérin, patron saint of herds gave his name to the valley and the dam, which was built between 1957 and 1961. The dam contributes to feeding Lake Roselend through a connecting pipe between the reservoirs that operate in the manner of communicating vessels.
Its water surface is 50 hectares with a depth of 70m and a capacity of 13 million m3. Its arched-gravity structure measures 250m long. The reservoir receives each year the equivalent of twice its storage capacity.
From 06/05 to 22/10, daily.
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Saint Guérin
Phone : +33 4 79 38 33 15
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Barrage de Saint Guérin
Saint Guérin
GPS coordinates
Latitude : 45.651083
Longitude : 6.580896
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Built between 1962 and 1967, the Gittaz Dam can store 13 million m3 of water, its arched-gravity structure with triangular base uses its own weight to withstand the force of the water.
Along with the dams of Gittaz and Saint Guérin, the Roselend Dam feeds the hydroelectric plant of La Bâthie. Located in the heart of the mountain pastures, near Mont Blanc, it is a beautiful site for fishing and hiking. This is the 4th highest dam in France.
1557m in height. This lake has a surface area of 45 hectares. You will appreciate the wild side of this lake !
1099 Points – The final section of the climb to St Guérin Reservoir, in the heart of the Beaufortain, is very strenuous but the magnificent countryside will take your mind off tired legs. And, on the descent, you can stock up on calories at the Beaufort cooperative dairy!