Taxis & drivers

Chauffeur-driven cars and taxis with 7 seats, 4 wheel drive, available 24 hours a day. Safety, availability, comfort, welcome All distances (train stations, airports in France and Switzerland) Location in Les Saisies (parking permit Montmin 74210 N°1)
Vehicles up to 7 seats. Passenger Reservation by phone or email. All distances: train station, airport, excusions, luggage transportation, etc. Provision of child/booster seats. Health insurance, repatriation assistance.
Car with driver from 1 to 7 seats, all distances, security, punctuality, comfort, 4-wheel drive. At your service since 1930. Open 7 days a year.
Bisanne 1500
A driver at your service since 2005. Passenger transport all destinations, train stations, airports, ski returns inter stations, carrying bags, equipment, refuges, (tour of Beaufortain). Convention for transport Switzerland by Geneva.