Taxis & drivers

Chauffeur-driven cars and taxis with 7 seats, 4 wheel drive, available 24 hours a day. Safety, availability, comfort, welcome All distances (train stations, airports in France and Switzerland) Location in Les Saisies (parking permit Montmin 74210 N°1)
Bisanne 1500
A driver at your service since 2005. Passenger transport all destinations, train stations, airports, ski returns inter stations, carrying bags, equipment, refuges, (tour of Beaufortain). Convention for transport Switzerland by Geneva.
Vehicles up to 7 seats. Passenger Reservation by phone or email. All distances: train station, airport, excusions, luggage transportation, etc. Provision of child/booster seats. Health insurance, repatriation assistance.
Car with driver from 1 to 7 seats, all distances, security, punctuality, comfort, 4-wheel drive. At your service since 1930. Open 7 days a year.