Road conditions

Driving on snow advice:

• Make sure you have suitable equipment: chains, claws, socks or special tires. They may be mandatory when snowing. Do not hesitate to ask your garage for advice.
• Chains or socks must be the size of the tires and installed on the drive wheels.
• Install them as soon as conditions require it in a car park or a chaining area provided for this purpose. The more you wait to do it, the more you take unnecessary risks. For everybody safety, but also to allow the passage of snow clearing equipment, never equip your vehicle on a taxiway. If necessary turn around to find a suitable place.
• Train your chains, claws or socks before you go. This will save you time and nerves the day you really need them.
• Store them in an accessible area of ​​the vehicle with a pair of gloves nearby.
• On the road, be humble, drive smoothly (acceleration, shifting, braking, steering ...), respect safety distances and always give priority to snow clearing and salting equipment.
• Significant additional information: our roads are regularly cleared of snow by the road authorities, but in case of important or constant snowfall, the agents and their craft can not be everywhere at once, this is one of the reasons why it is Indispensable to have special equipment in the mountains.
  • En route vers votre station, pas d'improvisation
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Consult traffic information the day before or the morning of your departure:

Prepare your itinerary (up to your accommodation) on:


    Be careful, using a GPS does not exempt you from this step, some can offer you irrelevant or absurd routes (not taking into account: traffic, road works, closed pass...).

Listen to traffic information during your trip:

Distance to major cities:

Megève: 25 km Lyon: 180 km Bruxelles: 849 km
Albertville: 30 km Paris: 511 km Gand: 865 km
Chambéry: 81 km Rouen: 734 km Rennes: 865 km
Geneva: 103 km Lilles: 811 km London: 993 km
Grenoble: 110 km Nantes: 904 km Amsterdam: 1 047 km
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Latitude : 45.75059
Longitude : 6.585217