Remarkable natural sites

La Clusaz
The reserve extends over 3747ha of which 629 are in la Clusaz. There is a wide variety of wild animals including, ibexes, marmots, foxes, badgers, wild boars, roes deers and at the last count we had 600 chamois!
Border between the Haute Tarentaise and the Aosta Valley, this tray (2 188m) has seen many travelers since ancient times. The Romans aménagèrent a channel to the Middle Ages and Ht St Bernard built a hospice that welcomed 15,000 passengers in 1923.
The official height, measured in 2013, is 4810.06 metres. The “Roof of Europe” is the third most popular natural site in the world and continues to attract millions of visitors and thousands of mountaineers.
Beauty of the lake and mountains evolving all the time! Lake Annecy's clear waters are surrounded by moutains which colours change with seasons or light: green in spring and summer, glowing colours in autumn, pristine white in winter. Simply amazing...
Le Bourget-du-Lac
This conservation area situated on the southern shores of Bourget lake is a shelter for numerous local flora and fauna species. 2 observatory points have been set to allow the public to safely discover this natural environment. The access is restricted to FRAPNA (Natural Heritage Conservation Society for Rhone Alpes region) guided groups.
Discovery tour of the waterfall. Guided tour of the cave. Tour of the model of the mills. Screening of the film "Les moulins, à force d'eau" (The mills and the power of water). A 150m zipwire above the waterfall.