A 10 000 years old site unique in the Alps. Located between 1550 and 1718 meters high this huge peat bog is an heritage of the ice period.
Les Saisies
Enter the fabulous world of peat bogs ... Want to discover the world of peat bogs? Its unique flora and fauna? Need information on the nature reserve? We welcome you and answer all your questions.
Les Saisies
Les Saisies peat bog is one of the highest in the Alps. In this protect nature area you will see some rare flora species such as carnivorous plant. To discover this special place you just have to walk on an easy track marked out with information signs.
In the heart of the natural reserve located on the Saisies'bog, this track will make you discover the specificities of this wet land in a Scandinavian vibe. Easy (3.6 km, several possible routes, from 1h30 to 4h).