The mountain A place to live together

This summer, you’ll be working in the mountains, where a multitude of activities are practiced: hiking, farming, mountain biking, pastoralism…
To keep the mountains open to all, it’s necessary to respect all uses.

Farmers operate the mountain pastures you may come across. To respect their work and preserve the flora and fauna, stay on the marked paths and don’t cross pastoral farms.

Did you know that the hill reservoirs used in winter for snow production are used by farmers in summer?
They allow them to access water more easily and thus reduce numerous tractor journeys.
In addition, a team of mountain bike patrollers plays an awareness-raising role on the trails to facilitate cohabitation, so don’t hesitate to ask them!”


The mountains are a rich territory that we must preserve. When hiking, a few rules apply so that this activity remains synonymous with freedom.
In addition to hiking, a multitude of other activities are practiced: mountain biking, farming, paragliding, pastoralism, etc. By applying these 10 commandments in a responsible manner, every hiker contributes to the protection of the environment and landscape, while ensuring the safety of all users.

Hiking is an activity synonymous with freedom.

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