Internet connection

WIFI CLUB SAISIES - 4 free hotspots:

The 4 hotspots are located at Les Carrets (next to the box), on the Chardons snow front, on the Erwin Eckl area (Mountain Twister box) and on the forecourt of the Signal. To connect you simply choose the hotspot on your device and open your browser for identification (through your email address or automatic connection via social networks).

INTERNET ICI WIFI - Paying network of 23 hotspots:

Pay terminals and Wi-Fi Internet access at your disposal in the lobby of the Tourist Office. The Internet ICI wifi network is composed of many hotspots  distributed in the station. It allows you to connect to the Internet through tickets (different formulas available).


Many service and shop provide Wi-Fi access to their customers. Do not hesitate to inquire with them.