Enjoy a family ski holiday!

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An open air playground for every generation


Les Saisies boasts plenty of sunshine.
 Located on a mountain pass, Les Saisies benefits from  360° exposure with sunshine from morning until night.


Enjoy a fun holiday programme.
Les Saisies proposes activities and entertainment for all the family.
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The atmosphere in Les Saisies is warm and family friendly, simple and pleasurable...home from home!
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Les Saisies boasts a choice of childcare.
Snow garden, ski school, kids' workshops... your children are taken good care of while you enjoy the skiing too!

Ski area

Safe and reasssuring, great for families!
Well signposted, with a large snowfront at the foot of the slopes and an easy ski back to resort: the layout of the area makes parents and children feel safe and confident.
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Guaranteed snow

Snow conditions are not only a question of altitude.
Located at 1650m, Les Saisies boasts abundant snow. A favourable microclimate andprofessional snow-grooming techniques preserve the quality of the slopes and the return runs back to resort.
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Les Saisies offers good value for money.
A big enough area to discover the pleasures of skiing (but not too big, with  a choice of  slopes for every level of skier.
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