A preserved, eco-friendly and sustainable resort!

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Reconnect with the simplicity of nature

Discover local fauna and flora

65km of signposted paths and trails are an invitation to discover alpine wildlife.

An experience similar to the great North

Share a unique Nordic experience: dog sledding, snowshoeing or ski-joering. The expedition starts here!

Preserved architecture

Local architecture features stone and wood. Sustainable development is second nature here!

Enjoy the accessible beauty of mid-range mountains

With its gentle sloping pastures, the surrounding environment is reassuring.
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An exceptional fauna & flora

Sometimes we can meet Tetras Lyre on the plateau of Palette, Chamois, roe deer and marmots at the turn of a combe on Bisanne ... The peat bogs also conceal hidden treasures (carnivorous plants ... ). Here, nature is offered to people who knows how to take the time to contemplate it.

Unspoiled nature

Sacttered throughout the  resort, facilities and services (toilets, waste bins etc) contribute to the general comfort and cleanliness. An eco-friendly approach with a view to detail!