Beginner areas and fun zones

A secure area reserved for beginners. The telecharm of the free elves, a gentle slope, a wide track ... all the ingredients for you to make your first steps on the boards in confidence.
Les Saisies
Discover les Saisies Elf wonderland. In winter with your skis on or in summer walking or with your mountain bike you will be surprise by this fairy world. Behind a tree or under the snow, they hide everywhere, so keep your eyes open to see them...
Les Saisies
A magical wind blows over the Saisies snowpark, which is transformed into a mountain of elves. A playful universe inhabited by the creatures of the forest. 3 hectares dedicated to skiing, totally scripted and arranged for families and young people.
The green slope of the eaglet is now dedicated to "slow ski." This 500m long zone has a signage adapted to beginners skiers to allow them to evolve with confidence, in peace and in complete safety.
A short track very steep along the free Gobelins teleconference. Nothing better to learn alpine skiing safely for young and old.